Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are considered to be excellent investments due to the bags’ classic designs, elegant aesthetics, superior quality and fine craftsmanship. They are high-end products made from the best materials so if you want to retain its appearance and prolong the quality, you have to give them the rightful care and maintenance they deserve.

Here are some ways to make your LV bags look great all the time.

  • Cleanup

Cleaning an LV monogram canvas bag does not require the use of abrasive cleaning products. Just use mild soap on them with a moistened clean cloth or rag. Rub gently on the bag’s surface even while removing stains. You can also dampen the area moderately to loosen a tenacious stain, then wipe it off gently.

Remember that water can create stains in leather products so avoid the leather parts of the bag to get in contact with water. Furthermore, avoid using your bags during wet weather.

  • Maintenance

LV’s leather components on their bags and luggage are not treated. Thus they can be pretty sensitive to other elements like water, all types of stains and wet weather. Do not expose the bags to tenacious stains and harsh weather at all times. Following several years of use, it is recommended that you apply some leather condition on those parts once a year. Keep in mind though that leather conditioners can turn the color of the leather parts a shade darker.

Choose an excellent leather condition and follow what was said on the instructions. Do not make use of any abrasive cleaning items on the bag. The leather from this brand is sensitive and you need to handle them with tender loving care all the time.

  • Storage

Store your bags safely in cloth bags. If you do not have any cloth bags, you can also make use of old pillow covers. Storing them in those containers will keep them free from dirt and dust plus it will also keep them well ventilated. Remember to take them out annually to keep it from developing that |old things” smell. Furthermore, do not store them in containers made with plastic.

Make sure to keep them away from moth balls. Repellents are known to ease aging on the canvas material of the bags and this can lead to those parts cracking. Make sure to leave the straps open as well since those clips might bring about staining. Fill the bag with a light and soft material which lets air pass through. This will maintain the shape of the bag and avoid it from leaving unwanted creases. Lastly, do not hang the bags on a hook. Do not fold them in two either. Never expose them in direct sunlight.

  • Repairs

Repairs for the bag is done better through the LV boutique. Repairs can take from a week to a few months based on the complexity of the repair needed. You will also have to deal with other bags that the boutiques repair persons are dealing with so it may take some time for repairs to get finished. Costs differ and it will depend on the difficulty of the repair needed too.

Repairs can be expensive so if you want to avoid those instances, make sure to take care of the bags very well.



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Now and Then: Shopping for Fashions

Back in the day, people used to order unique articles of clothing by way of mail-order catalogs. Shopping also meant dropping by clothing boutiques every time, to search for the perfect dress or denim pants. Also, many consumers also opted for tailors and seamstresses to copy garments seen in magazines or have pieces that fit them appropriately.

There is nothing wrong with those instances. However, the 90s do not appear that far away. It does not appear sufficiently long to have observed a shocking change in social habits and spending that the World Wide Web has generated. The influence of the Internet is so vast and drastic that it is now conceivable for business-minded folks to create an empire focused on fashion shopping minus high overheads, constant promotion, and presence and in such a short period of time.

The Age of Online Shopping

Online shopping is the new normal, so it is somewhat overwhelming that nearly 20 years ago, girls pored over their Delia’s catalog for the latest in teen trends and ordered good finds through the mail. These days, online shops have accumulated loads of profits just by setting up their wares online. There is big money in online shopping, and if you combine the sums spent by individuals shopping online all over the world, it will amount to billions.

So where does this leave the standard brick and mortar stores? Of course, to go with the times, they need to establish an online presence as well. If you have a name in fashion or work for fashion retailing, then you most probably started working on your internet presence to promote your goods.

Don’t Lose Out on Online Buyers

The lack of a web presence means Internet-savvy consumers will not pay attention to your merchandise, and will not have any idea about your brick and mortar branch too. They will be pushed to spend their money on a store that has a prominent, solid online presence.

Hence as a keen fashion enthusiast, what do you expect at this time? Then again, you do not lack choices, in fact, there is a broader range of options at this time and competition is at an all-time high. You can still go to esteemed high street brands, choose to go by mail order catalogs or spend your money on items found online. The addition of Internet as a shopping hub takes fashion enthusiasts to another level in terms of shopping experience.

Even mail order catalogs this time around wised up and established an online presence. Many of these sites now display and provide reputable fashion brands and promote them in unique, exciting ways. Clothes are made available in a wide variety of sizes, online fashion shows are organized, tutorials made and even excellent camera work is at play to promote said ready-to-wear.

The Internet is more than just a fad for consumers—it is here to stay, and it will keep progressing. Shopping online, as mentioned earlier, is the new normal for many consumers. Each retailer is now keeping up with this Internet challenge and rest assured, more innovations are along the way.


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The Lasting Appeal of Louis Vuitton Shoes

There are lots of luxe brands out there but nothing stands out from the pack like Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is mainly known for their line of luggage and handbags however the brand has broadened their lineup of products through the years. These days, the label has its own fashions, accessories and footwear.

The main thing that makes the brand visible to all brand lovers is its well-known monogram. This monogram has been copied and even parodied by plenty of design houses and artists. The simplicity of the monogram makes for the stylish appeal of the brand. This is a classic logo that will never be outdated. The initials of the brand are used not only on their luggage and bags but other pieces too.

LV Footwear

Louis Vuitton designs and manufactures shoes for men and women. One example of a hot LV shoe style for men is the Damier-embossed Trinidad buckle strap model. This is a popular item from the brand and is a constant bestseller. It comes with a Velcro enclosure plus interweaving straps and the LV label. It is cushioned too for comfort and support. Furthermore, the shoe comes with Blake stitches as well and it can be seen from within. It is located in the outsole to safeguard the shoe from wear and tear.

The Monte Carlo loafer is another bestseller from the brand. The shoes come in two colors, namely cacao which is a deep brown shade and noir, which is an intense black color. High quality speaks from all corners of the shoe starting with its hand-sewn, calf leather uppers and lithe rubber soles that come with meticulous cushioning. There are LV initials riveted in the shoes which have a classy Ruthenium finish. The style comes in a particular moccasin built which makes the pair extra light.

The brand makes sneakers too in the form of the Totem model. The shoes come with a minimalist yet beautiful design—it has 3-color stripes and the LV initials to give the pair a nice accent. It has rubber construction plus a removable in-sock for simple care and maintenance.

For the ladies, the Marbella sandals are a great choice. The pretty and sexy style of the shoes harks back to shoe designs of yore. It is great not only for evenings out but for the summer too. This is a stiletto with a golden color that includes an exquisite monogram flower. The sandals come with an internal platform and a cushioned in-sock too for comfort.

Ballerina shoes made with the brand’s monogram canvas is popular with the ladies too. It also comes in patent calf leather trim. To add a great touch to the pair, cube accessories were added on it. The shoes come with elastic side so you can put the shoe on and off without any hassles. It has a dependable snug fit and has a light construction for allover comfort from morning to night.

LV also makes stylish and sexy monogram boots and ankle boots, styles which are often seen during the Fall and Winter seasons. For summer and spring seasons, ladies can choose the latest in sandals, flats and heels.



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The Best Innovations in the World of Fashion

Fashion has undergone loads of changes through every decade. Just like science and technology, it provided innovations that instantly changed the way women looked at fashion. It made dealing with specific styles and events more relaxed, and some even lifted ladies’ morale. Here are some of the best innovations that came from the industry, exclusively, in no particular order.


  1. The little black dress

This dress was an innovated by the revered Coco Chanel during the Roaring Twenties. Because of its versatile and timeless look, it has become the go-to dress for plenty of ladies since then. The dress was designed to be straightforward and versatile so that it will remain a classic piece in any woman’s wardrobe.

  1. Casual Fridays

The origin of this laidback look began in post-war Hawaii. The people there were then permitted to wear casual, flowery silken shirts for a period of time each year. Because of the relaxed and carefree spirit of this look, the concept carried on and spread to other parts of the world, much to the delight of people who were not too passionate about traditional stiff office wear.

  1. Push-up bra

The push-up bra was a concept invented by Moe Nadler, the founder of the Canadian Corset Company. He wanted to create a bra that fits well with great quality at a mid-range price. Thus the WonderBra was born. The undergarment comes with foam, rubber and at times, gel padding inside the cup, and this provides the “lift” that the bra was famous for. The item brought a confidence boost to modestly chested women everywhere, and its purpose is still popular until now.

  1. Pants for the ladies

During World War 2, women began wearing pants made for men for work. In the 60s, designers started making pants that fit women’s figures properly, and thus a wave of pants-wearing women began. Pants are very versatile and have never gone out of style since then.

  1. Denim

In the beginning, it was only the men who wore denim. The material was meant for work purposes. Then pants became in vogue for women, and the worldwide appreciation for denim began. We now have denim jackets, denim shorts, denim dresses and even coats.

  1. Bikini

The bikini was a symbol that shows the ladies breaking free from the standards reserved for them. The clothing item became an instant hit in the 60s, made even famous by the wave of teen beach movies and songs like the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.”

  1. Wash and wear fabric

Back in the day, garments required ironing in order to be worn properly. Now due to technology, the wash and wear fabric was created. The production of artificial fibers in clothing material has rendered ironing into a choice.

  1. Online shopping

Online shopping has taken over the entire world. Nowadays, people shop for various items online through their laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones. The chances for comparing prices and searching for great deals were made more accessible—you will not have to run from one shop to another anymore. Many sellers also go to online shops these days because of the lower overheads, and this, of course, translates to a cut in retail prices for most.


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Louis Vuitton Bags: High Cost, Lifetime Quality

Original Louis Vuitton products are not exactly cheap. However, many men and women still invest in their products even though there are many brands in the market now that are relatively more affordable.

So why does LV’s bags have expensive prices and what value does the brand present for your hard-earned buck? This article will further divulge the appeal of Louis Vuitton’s products.

The Value of LV Merchandise

Louis Vuitton bags, luggage and wallets are expensive due to the material the products are composed of. These products are made from high-quality, pure leather. The genuine leather is great for handbags but they are not really cost-effective. The additional cost though accommodates in lots of ways if we are to talk about value.

The workmanship of the bags is also a factor to its price. It is well-known that the brand has excellent craftsmanship since the day the first bag was made by the company. They are now an industry standard due to the high-quality workmanship of their products. Because the products are high-end items, they are not something one expects to be produced poorly or in a rush. While the stitching and lining of the bags are not exactly hand-sewn, there is plenty of human engagement in the manufacture of the bags and other leather products from the label.

Human labor of course costs money so it is very reasonable that LV bags are expensive compared to those that were mass-produced. Another reason for the higher cost of the product is the fact that the company has to invest in huge endorsements for celebrities. Because the products are marketed as a high-end brand endorsed by the upper class, it has retained its esteemed place in the rankings of luxury brands through the years.

Factors Why LV Bags are Great Investments

LV bags are exceptional when it comes to durability. This leading factor is the primary function of the pure leather foundation of the bags. Coupled with excellent workmanship, the bags are highly coveted by practical consumers who want something that will last them for a long time and get handed down to their children. Cheaper bags will only mean you need to purchase a replacement for it—it is a vicious cycle which encourages smart consumers to only endorse high-quality brands.

The LV brand is known for its classy aesthetics as well. The bags are popular for maintaining their visual appeal to the hilt even following a substantial period of usage compared to cheaper handbags. Cheap products lose their appeal after minimal use.

The celebrity endorsements pushed by the brand has made LV-using consumers into people with chic, refined taste as well. That is why LV bags are also considered to be status symbols. They are high-end products used by the rich and famous and if you can afford them, then you most probably have excellent taste in goods too.

LV has been in the business for a long time not because they are duping their customers and producing mediocre products. They are still in the business because they are a label who is concerned with nothing but superior quality and the taste for the classy and elegant.



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Designer Fashion for Women

The hottest designer fashion for women is the results of hip and in-the-know designers. These designers treat clothing as a form of art. Their art is composed of cut materials and a woman’s figure—they make lovely clothes which flatter a woman’s form and at the same time, sound of the trends of the season.

These days designer fashion for the ladies bring out bright colors and details fit for spring and summer, with some neutrals for good measure. Cuts and styles are both feminine and androgynous. The supreme wish of every woman out there is to be admired by her friends and peers and wearing designer clothing helps them stand out from the bunch.

Fashion Forward

The desire to wear designer fashion is not only meant for making a statement, but it is also used to enhance their social standing and express to other people that you have what it takes to carry such clothing. It is used as a vehicle to show that you can afford to buy it and dress well, like the revered fashionistas of this decade.

Designer fashion is designed and produced only using the best materials and artisanship. Enough time and care are provided for cutting and sewing every garment. The materials used on such clothing have prime quality, and some of the details like stitching, embroidery, beading, and sequins are even done by hand. There are prints on dresses and garments that are also done manually, not by a machine. These are the reasons why designer fashions are highly praised by critics and why they often come with a higher price tag too.

Fashion Diversity

The current fashion climate now caters to a wider variety of women. Designer clothes are now available in a broader range compared to the fashions of old. There is even designer maternity clothing now which can be worn by pregnant women in the office or for events that are more formal. Designers are now clued in with the needs of women, and they are always on the search for ways which will furnish these preferences.

Whether your tastes veer towards the avant-garde or the classic, you can now easily get your choices online. The major department stores and boutiques carrying fashionable clothes now have official websites where you can order a piece you like. There are online high-end retail sites now where you can purchase the latest fashions competing with the likes of those online department store branches. If you know where to look, you can even spot and get excellent designer fashion deals at generous discounts.

Clothes for the women are aimed to emphasize their figure and make them confident while wearing it. They are now available in different sizes and shapes so every woman can take advantage of those pieces. It is also easier to get access to the hottest trends because of the World Wide Web. Now is the time to take advantage of these sources, invest in those designer pieces and mix them with high-street items plus whimsical pieces you acquired from vintage stores. Fashion has no limits so why stick to standard threads? Be more adventurous by investing in quality items from today’s reputable designers.



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What It Takes to Become a Designer Fashion Blogger

Vogue started out as a weekly newspaper in the US in the year 1892, concentrated solely on women’s fashions and interest. Even now, the magazine is still considered the authority when it comes to predicting the trends that come about in the fashion industry.

However, in this day and age of Internet and mobile-ready individuals, the desire to start and publish a magazine just to make your voice heard is no longer a necessity. While publishing is still a hot commodity, there are bloggers now who write about pieces that you typically see in magazines like Glamour and Bazaar.

So what makes a fashion and beauty blog stand out from the bunch? It merely is the familiarity that the blogger behind the blog has something distinctive to express and takes the effort to cover the things the blogger finds interesting and worthy to talk about.

A blog that is dedicated to designer fashion and beauty is like a monthly fashion magazine, only it can be read online and is usually free. Standard magazines typically come with a variety of departments and have a staff that manages crucial factors like writing, images, sales and more. Bloggers, on the other hand, need to cover all of those things on their own. Here are some of the skills that bloggers need to have to come up with a successful fashion blog.


Writing and editing skills

Bloggers should have a writing style that appeals to the readers. The writing must be easy to grasp as well. Readers are often turned off with dull, monotonous write-ups and might turn to other bloggers for advice instead. Also, grammar and punctuation are essentials as well, so editing skills are a must.

Confidence and a great sense of style

You will notice that the most successful bloggers have the best taste in fashion. The clothes they wear do not need to be high-end all the way, in fact, the more interesting ones mix budget finds with designer pieces and even thrift shop items. Readers flock blogs that are innovative, fresh and spunky. Also, to be stylish enough and catch the attention of the right people, the blogger has to be confident in his or her skin. What better way to promote that high fashion looks then!

Basic photography and photo-editing skills

In order to make those clothes pop in pictures, bloggers do need some basic skill in photography. Also, it is best if they invest on a high-quality camera as well since it will display the clothes and its wearer better. Know-how in terms of angles and proper lighting is also required. Also, bloggers need to know some essentials about photo editing to make those images pop even more.

Social media skills

If bloggers want more traffic to their sites, they should have accounts on social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. Make sure that those accounts are as visually striking as the blog.

Basic HTML and web design skills

This will make bloggers speed up fixes on their blogs faster without the need to depend on other people.

Public relations and ad sales know-how

If bloggers want advertisers to notice their blog, they need to promote their accomplishments. Public relations are also vital to producing excellent relationships with companies and brands that are significant to the blog’s interests.


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Louis Vuitton Handbags: Spotting the Fake from the Real Thing

Ever since the brand got popular due to the quality of their goods, Louis Vuitton did not escape the eye of counterfeiters. To counter this, the brand created the LV Monogram Canvas, a material that was stamped with the brand’s label in the factory. However, to this day the label cannot escape forgers. Even the Monogram Canvas was imitated and its stitching and lining copied. If you want to buy an LV handbag from a seller but not that sure whether the item is the genuine thing, you need to remember these crucial pointers.

  • Country of manufacture

The brand has plenty of factories outside its home base of France. Depending on the model, the bags are at the moment being produced outside the country like Germany, USA, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Hence just because it was not made in France, the bag is not authentic. The countries mentioned are valid LV bag manufacturers.

  • Bag lining and stitching

The brand is fussy when it comes to how the bag is sewn and lined. The stitching of the bags are even and it comes with a similar amount of stitches in differing bags of the same model. The lining is composed of a material made from cotton canvas, not suede. The canvas color is often brown.

  • Placement of the monogram

You need to examine the monogram placement, whether they are symmetrical. This is a crucial signifier of a genuine LV bag. Majority of LV monogram wallets and bags irrespective of the design or style, come with a side by side symmetry with the exception of vintage models.

  • Font used

LV makes use of a specific kind of font. The O of the brand has a well-rounded shape. Check this out to confirm the bag’s authenticity.

  • Date codes

It is crucial to comprehend the date codes in an LV product. Bags made after 1980 come with date codes however there are some vintage ones that include them too.

  • Tags

Bags that are purchased from the LV boutique come with two tags that go with the bag however are given individually. The first tag comes with the name Louis Vuitton on it plus the bag’s material. The second tag would come with the model number, the name of the bag in French and the bar code. These tags are not fastened to the bag. At times the bags come with a maintenance booklet but all in all, the bag does not have an authenticity card. If a seller presents a bag with this type of card, chances are it is a fake.

  • Receipts

Dubious sellers will try to persuade customers by telling the bag comes with its original receipt. Just because a preloved bag comes with its original receipt, it does not mean that it is an authentic LV product. A receipt can be counterfeited as well and the presence or absence of it does not in any means signify that the product is fake or not.

An authentic LV receipt comes on watermarked paper and its size is smaller compared to an A4 paper. Customers can also confirm whether the address of the store provided in the receipt exists in real life. The receipt must also come with the salesperson’s name who sold the product plus extensive contact details of the customer.

  • Dust bag

Previous dust bags are made from soft, cotton and flannel material. It has a very small LV imprinted on it. Current versions have a yellowish tinge to it and composed of a thicker, linen-like material that has the name Louis Vuitton shown prominently all over the front.



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The Best Women’s Fashions from Top Designers

There are lots of designers focused on making clothes for women who want to be successful in their respected fields. One reason why many designers focus on women’s fashions is that women find fashion fun and fulfilling, so they invest in such items. In addition, it is an industry that is entirely feasible and profitable. The women are willing to pay top dollar to acquire the most beautiful and distinctive clothes to wear every day, for work, leisure and special occasions.

To make sure that you keep up with the trends, it is essential to take note of the hottest designers’ current collections. You can select to supplement new pieces to your wardrobe or invest in a new wardrobe instead. These current items are excellent means to inject some elegance, modernity and polish to your looks. There are plenty of up and coming designers in the fashion world today. However, there is also the old guard, the ones responsible for bringing the hottest trends in fashion for decades and keeping the creative spirit in the industry alive.


Chanel is still the go-to high-end brand for the majority of today’s fashionistas and tastemakers. From their seasonal designs down to haute couture, Chanel is regularly praised for their innovation and creativity. They have also taken part in other ventures like cosmetics accessories. Even their line of cosmetics has that chic and sophistication that only the brand can bring. Indeed, they are one of the best investments a woman can have in terms of fashion and beauty.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana are the designer duo responsible for making clothes that flatter women. Their feminine and oft-romantic designs have inspired a wave of young designers to pursue their dreams and create clothing that caters to the D & G aesthetic. The brand has made clothing that fit women of all ages—teens can wear their outfits side by side with older women.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is another trusted designer who has thousands of women flocking to his creations. The designer has more than 50 years of experience in the fashion industry, and his clothes speak for themselves. Whether you want something classic to wear in university or the office, or you need a seamless, romantic piece for a date, Oscar de la Renta is somebody you should check out.


Versace is also another brand that is well-known all over the world. The brand is overseen by Donatella Versace, the sister of the late designer Gianni Versace who created the brand. Top Hollywood actresses and celebrities wear their dresses. The brand is also known for their range of sexy, alluring fashions that have been coveted by most women. Their outfits are ideal for special events and events where great taste in fashion is highlighted.


You might be shocked to see that there are lots of talented designers out there. While older brands have excellent reputations gathered through the years, it is also recommended that you check out creations from new designers. For one, their pieces are often affordable but still graced with topnotch craftsmanship. Their creations are also fresh and innovative so you can guarantee that you will be wearing a distinctive piece that is not available in most women’s wardrobe.



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The Long-Lasting Popularity of Louis Vuitton Handbags

Handbags from Louis Vuitton became instant bestsellers ever since its launch. Bags coming from the elite brand have been sought after due to their excellent workmanship, elegant aesthetics and superior quality. Because of their leather products’ high value, bags from the brand have become the global standard in terms of luggage.

The Origins of the Brand

Louis Vuitton was established in France. In the early 19th century, Napoleon III, the country’s ruling emperor during that time, was on the search for a maker who can produce bags for Empress Eugene. The bag designer/maker who caught the emperor’s eye was Louis Vuitton, a professional baggage handler who managed the baggage of high-born families. Vuitton made an innovation by creating flat and impermeable luggage.

From this, Vuitton founded his business and made his first design in 1854. During two World’s Fairs, organized in 1867 and 1889, the man won bronze and gold medals for his bags’ superior quality. However, it was not till 1892 when the initial LV handbags were produced and sold. Eventually the company became bigger and more luggage designs were made. Since its humble beginnings until today, LV handbags are constant bestsellers and are coveted due to its craftsmanship and high-end quality.

Bags from the brand are now the standard of luxury, class and fine taste. This establishes the brand as an industry leader for leather crafts. As a fact, LV bags are so highly prized that the brand has plenty of counterfeiters producing fake LV handbags. To fight against bootleggers in 1896, Georges, Louis Vuitton’s son launched the LV Monogram Canvas. This particular canvas is the brand’s label imprinted unto the bad at the factory. Authentic LV products come with this Monogram Canvas material. Counterfeiters might attempt to replicate it however those with a discerning, expert eye can surely tell the genuine from the fake.

By the late 1880s, LV bags were made with the Damier Canvas. Both father and son produced the design. The design of the canvas featured “marque L. Vuitton depose.” This is the French manner of declaring the LV trademark. The Monogram Canvas soon followed.

The Steamer bag, which has a smaller size was designed in order to complement bigger LV trunks and baggage. The Keepall was introduced in 1930 and this was the first LV bag which gathered attention from the fashion world and made the brand an iconic label. The leather from both the Keepall and the Speedy is crafted with the characteristic LV design highlighting both luxury and practicality.

The Noe bag was first designed to carry bottles of champagne however it became the chic bag for upper-class ladies who changed it into a fashionable handbag. Designers like March Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse launched a limited edition LV monogram in a graffiti design in 2001. Marc Jacobs eventually collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami in 2003 to launch a new canvas using 33 colors, leading to the Monogram Multicolore.

The LV brand is still praised for its continuous focus on high quality, classic aesthetics and luxury. From LV wardrobe down to bags, shoes and accessories, their pieces can be frequently seen on the rich, the famous, the chic and tastemakers who create trends.


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