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The Long-Lasting Popularity of Louis Vuitton Handbags

Handbags from Louis Vuitton became instant bestsellers ever since its launch. Bags coming from the elite brand have been sought after due to their excellent workmanship, elegant aesthetics and superior quality. Because of their leather products’ high value, bags from the brand have become the global standard in terms of luggage.

The Origins of the Brand

Louis Vuitton was established in France. In the early 19th century, Napoleon III, the country’s ruling emperor during that time, was on the search for a maker who can produce bags for Empress Eugene. The bag designer/maker who caught the emperor’s eye was Louis Vuitton, a professional baggage handler who managed the baggage of high-born families. Vuitton made an innovation by creating flat and impermeable luggage.

From this, Vuitton founded his business and made his first design in 1854. During two World’s Fairs, organized in 1867 and 1889, the man won bronze and gold medals for his bags’ superior quality. However, it was not till 1892 when the initial LV handbags were produced and sold. Eventually the company became bigger and more luggage designs were made. Since its humble beginnings until today, LV handbags are constant bestsellers and are coveted due to its craftsmanship and high-end quality.

Bags from the brand are now the standard of luxury, class and fine taste. This establishes the brand as an industry leader for leather crafts. As a fact, LV bags are so highly prized that the brand has plenty of counterfeiters producing fake LV handbags. To fight against bootleggers in 1896, Georges, Louis Vuitton’s son launched the LV Monogram Canvas. This particular canvas is the brand’s label imprinted unto the bad at the factory. Authentic LV products come with this Monogram Canvas material. Counterfeiters might attempt to replicate it however those with a discerning, expert eye can surely tell the genuine from the fake.

By the late 1880s, LV bags were made with the Damier Canvas. Both father and son produced the design. The design of the canvas featured “marque L. Vuitton depose.” This is the French manner of declaring the LV trademark. The Monogram Canvas soon followed.

The Steamer bag, which has a smaller size was designed in order to complement bigger LV trunks and baggage. The Keepall was introduced in 1930 and this was the first LV bag which gathered attention from the fashion world and made the brand an iconic label. The leather from both the Keepall and the Speedy is crafted with the characteristic LV design highlighting both luxury and practicality.

The Noe bag was first designed to carry bottles of champagne however it became the chic bag for upper-class ladies who changed it into a fashionable handbag. Designers like March Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse launched a limited edition LV monogram in a graffiti design in 2001. Marc Jacobs eventually collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami in 2003 to launch a new canvas using 33 colors, leading to the Monogram Multicolore.

The LV brand is still praised for its continuous focus on high quality, classic aesthetics and luxury. From LV wardrobe down to bags, shoes and accessories, their pieces can be frequently seen on the rich, the famous, the chic and tastemakers who create trends.


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Feel Good with the Right Designer Fashions

It is true that your choice of clothing influences the manner in which other people understand you to be. You might be stunning with a perfect figure, but if you wear clothes that do not flatter you, people will be vocal about it. This rings true even for designer clothing; no matter how trendy or expensive an outfit can be, if it will not fit or flatter you, it is still a dud.

Hence, it is essential to wear the right clothes especially the designer kind. Many people invest in designer clothing because of the materials and the artistry involved in making the piece. People also wear high-end clothes for the prestige. More often than not though, designer clothes are known for having an excellent fit, so people choose them over standard ready to wear items.

Choose designer clothes with styles and cuts that best flatters you and your figure well since they are not exactly cheap. Then again, all that money spent on clothes are worth it because it will instantly lift your spirits and your confidence levels. Designer clothes are created to complement and emphasize every facet of the body. The quality of the materials is shaped and styled to suit a variety of body types.

You might believe that those body-hugging designer pieces look attractive only on celebrities with gym bodies, however, please throw that false impression out of the window. You can also look good in outfits from high-end brands like YSL, Chanel, Armani, Prada and a good lot of designer brands today. Some designs of said designers also come in a variety of sizes to fit the majority of people.

Looking for clothes that will flatter heavier figures is easier these days as well. You can select a sophisticated dress that flows and reaches your knees gracefully instead of a skimpy outfit that looks unbecoming on your thigh area. The great style and cut of a flowy designer dress will make you look thinner. For slim women, short, of-shoulder designs will emphasize the shoulders, back, and collarbone significantly.

Dresses often go well with high heels, however, do not go overboard with it. Make sure that those heels have the right height as well since higher heels will not suit a short dress’ proportions. It will remove any aesthetic factor that the dress comes with.

If you have a curvy figure, you can opt for dresses that hug the contours of your body. Show them off with those trendy bandage dresses. You can wear dresses with plunging necklines, however, do go for dresses necklines that do not plunge that far—you don’t want all that attention focused on you, don’t you?

Complement your designer clothing with a host of accessories. Then again, do not go overboard with the accessories and jewelry. Match the dress with a few pieces of tasteful gold or gem-encrusted jewels. A simple pair of earrings and a ring that matches will do. Also, you can also go for necklaces. If you want, you can go for those statement ones, which are hot right now.

Thus, the right designer clothing will not only look good on you, but it will also make you feel good. High-end clothing are investments, so it pays to choose ensembles carefully.



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The Shoe Statement

Every person on this planet knows at least one man or woman who is obsessed with shoes. Some people go through 3 different pairs of shoes in one day, if not more, depending on what they are doing in 1 day. Others prefer no shoes at all, or just simple flip flops. There are some people who only wear 1 type of shoe, strictly, like orthopedic shoes or stilettos. There are so many types of shoes, and there is at least one pair of shoes out there that are perfect for you.

Shoes are, in a sense, a fashion statement. Shoes finish the outfit, they complement the outfit. Shoes come in a variety of types, in different colors. Shoes are made with different materials, and are used for different functions. You do not want to wear your running shoes to a fancy work dinner, and you do not want to wear your ballet flats to go for a run.

That is why shoes have so many different types in designer fashion. Designer fashion allows for a creative outlet with the designer, and shoe designers know exactly what they are trying to accomplish when it comes to shoe design. Whether you are a flip flop girl or prefer something a little fancier, there is at least one pair of shoes that are perfect for your personal taste.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes, commonly known as tennis-shoes, have many different styles in the designer fashion world—and they are very popular amongst the American population. Athletic shoes come in quite a different varieties, and are great for people of all ages.

Athletic shoes have some of the biggest supports any shoe can offer, which is great for your body. With the rise in fitness trends around the world the designs of athletic shoes is evolving, and becoming much more fashionable. In fact, active wear and athletic shoes are now entering the designer fashion world.

High Heels

High heels are a very popular type of shoe, especially in the designer fashion world. There are many different types of high heels that are currently on the market like stilettos, wedges, peep toe heels, kitten heels, court heals, and the list goes on.

Stilettos have a skinny higher heel that are great for a girl’s night out, when you want to feel sexy, and they are the perfect complement to both jeans and dresses. Stilettos are very versatile, if you wear them right.

Wedges can be higher or lower, but are a bit more stable and easier to walk in than stilettos. Wedges can be sexy or even just cute, there are so many different ways you can wear a wedge. In fact, wedges can even be worn with swim wear!

Peep toe heels have a variety of heel types, but they have a small opening at the tip of the heels instead of a closed tip. Kitten heels are very short heels, but they are cute to say the least. Court heels, which are high heels that are much more formal than the other listed heels. They still give you a girl look to your professional look, but are still professional so you give off the right professional statement.


Boots are popular amongst both males and females. You have cowboy (or cowgirl!) boots, booties, rider boots, motorcycle boots, combat boots—types of boots are pretty much endless.

You can use booties to wear with jeans or even just a cute dinner dress. You can use cowboy boots for the same purpose, and even combat boots!

Boots are quite the fashion statement when it comes to designer fashion—they are great for any fashion style or fashion statement that you want to make. If you want to be an edgy punk girl, you can pair combat boots with a leather jacket and a cute dress and there you have your style. If you want to be a country girl, simply put cowgirl boots on with a pair of jeans or even a dress and you have your style there too.

The uses and looks of boots are pretty much endless, and there is good reasons for that.

Flip Flops and Sandals

Flip flops and sandals can be as dressy or as casual as you want them to be. Perfect for the beach, for beachy outings—flip flops and sandals are very versatile.

Flip flops have come a long way over the past years. They are no longer used for just beach and casual outings. Flip flops can be worn casually, they can be designed as dress wear—there are many more options for flip flops now than there ever were.

Sandals have quite the versatile look to them in the designer fashion world, and some sandals look a lot nice than others. Sandals can also be casual or dressy depending on what types you choose.

Not to mention, flip flops and sandals are perfect for beach wear!

Vans and Converse

Perhaps one of the newest shoe statements in the designer fashion world is the use of skater shoes such as vans and converse.

Vans and converse are no longer meant for just skateboards, they are a fashion statement as well. These types of shoes are great for any personal style, but they look exceptionally cute while paired with a girly outfit. Vans go as far as looking great with girly sundresses. Converse go as far as looking cute with a pair of skinny jeans and a dressy top.

The shoe statement in the designer fashion world is only continuing to grow. The use and types of shows are only becoming much more versatile and useful, that almost any shoe would look great on any person. The trick to find the perfect pair of shoes is finding shoes that give off the right statement, and that will make you feel confident. If you can match those two aspects of shoes, then you will be able to find the perfect pair of shoes no problem.


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