Louis Vuitton Bags: High Cost, Lifetime Quality

Original Louis Vuitton products are not exactly cheap. However, many men and women still invest in their products even though there are many brands in the market now that are relatively more affordable.

So why does LV’s bags have expensive prices and what value does the brand present for your hard-earned buck? This article will further divulge the appeal of Louis Vuitton’s products.

The Value of LV Merchandise

Louis Vuitton bags, luggage and wallets are expensive due to the material the products are composed of. These products are made from high-quality, pure leather. The genuine leather is great for handbags but they are not really cost-effective. The additional cost though accommodates in lots of ways if we are to talk about value.

The workmanship of the bags is also a factor to its price. It is well-known that the brand has excellent craftsmanship since the day the first bag was made by the company. They are now an industry standard due to the high-quality workmanship of their products. Because the products are high-end items, they are not something one expects to be produced poorly or in a rush. While the stitching and lining of the bags are not exactly hand-sewn, there is plenty of human engagement in the manufacture of the bags and other leather products from the label.

Human labor of course costs money so it is very reasonable that LV bags are expensive compared to those that were mass-produced. Another reason for the higher cost of the product is the fact that the company has to invest in huge endorsements for celebrities. Because the products are marketed as a high-end brand endorsed by the upper class, it has retained its esteemed place in the rankings of luxury brands through the years.

Factors Why LV Bags are Great Investments

LV bags are exceptional when it comes to durability. This leading factor is the primary function of the pure leather foundation of the bags. Coupled with excellent workmanship, the bags are highly coveted by practical consumers who want something that will last them for a long time and get handed down to their children. Cheaper bags will only mean you need to purchase a replacement for it—it is a vicious cycle which encourages smart consumers to only endorse high-quality brands.

The LV brand is known for its classy aesthetics as well. The bags are popular for maintaining their visual appeal to the hilt even following a substantial period of usage compared to cheaper handbags. Cheap products lose their appeal after minimal use.

The celebrity endorsements pushed by the brand has made LV-using consumers into people with chic, refined taste as well. That is why LV bags are also considered to be status symbols. They are high-end products used by the rich and famous and if you can afford them, then you most probably have excellent taste in goods too.

LV has been in the business for a long time not because they are duping their customers and producing mediocre products. They are still in the business because they are a label who is concerned with nothing but superior quality and the taste for the classy and elegant.



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