Men’s Fashion: Style Tips for the Noob

In a perfect world, people would take personality over our external facades to base their initial impressions of us. However, the reality remains that our appearances are the first thing that people notice. Many people judge us by our wardrobes. Even the minutest of details in a particular frock or suit can send out ideas about the wearer that can be drastically misunderstood.

The men often fall victim to this type of one-sided observation since men have a tendency to overlook the implications that their wardrobe brings out. Here are some of the tips you can use to stay away from such situations and become more mindful of how you look.

There was a time when oversized clothing was the thing to wear. While this still rings true in specific subcultures, this is not the hot trend right now for men. The appropriate fit is the order of the day at this time so choose clothing that is tailored to fit your frame nicely without being overly tight that you feel uncomfortable wearing it. The clothing should also have ample room that you can still move about it comfortably—the clothing should never look baggy or saggy.

Furthermore, many men overlook footwear. Many men just grab the nearest pair of shoes they can find in their closet and pair it with their outfit of the day. Make sure that those shoes not only fit you nicely, but they should match the outfit too. You do not wear tennis shoes with a double-breasted suit. For more information about footwear and ready to wear, you can do a bit of research online, find an ensemble that fits your taste best, and follow them.

Hairstyles are also something you should take note of. Go for a style that looks nice on you and is a breeze to do at home. It is recommended that you splurge the first time on a haircut that will flatter yourself, thus go to a trusted hairstylist who will give great advice on hairstyles and maintenance for the ‘cut.

It is undoubtedly time for you to try out something new. Men often stick with the standards and lounge in their comfort zones forever, that their personal style becomes stale and boring. If you usually opt for neutral colors, why not try something bright for a change? You can begin changes with a new haircut or hair color. You can start with the shoes as well. There are many items that you can take liberties with. Look online for inspiration, take cues from magazines and even friends.

The suggestions mentioned above are not really a challenge. They are fun and simple to do. However, they will upgrade your appearance significantly. Apart from your looks, these changes might also lift your confidence levels and do wonders for your morale. It is never too late to do some changes on the basics and take your appearance to the next level. Some minor tweaks will benefit you greatly, in fact.


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