Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are considered to be excellent investments due to the bags’ classic designs, elegant aesthetics, superior quality and fine craftsmanship. They are high-end products made from the best materials so if you want to retain its appearance and prolong the quality, you have to give them the rightful care and maintenance they deserve.

Here are some ways to make your LV bags look great all the time.

  • Cleanup

Cleaning an LV monogram canvas bag does not require the use of abrasive cleaning products. Just use mild soap on them with a moistened clean cloth or rag. Rub gently on the bag’s surface even while removing stains. You can also dampen the area moderately to loosen a tenacious stain, then wipe it off gently.

Remember that water can create stains in leather products so avoid the leather parts of the bag to get in contact with water. Furthermore, avoid using your bags during wet weather.

  • Maintenance

LV’s leather components on their bags and luggage are not treated. Thus they can be pretty sensitive to other elements like water, all types of stains and wet weather. Do not expose the bags to tenacious stains and harsh weather at all times. Following several years of use, it is recommended that you apply some leather condition on those parts once a year. Keep in mind though that leather conditioners can turn the color of the leather parts a shade darker.

Choose an excellent leather condition and follow what was said on the instructions. Do not make use of any abrasive cleaning items on the bag. The leather from this brand is sensitive and you need to handle them with tender loving care all the time.

  • Storage

Store your bags safely in cloth bags. If you do not have any cloth bags, you can also make use of old pillow covers. Storing them in those containers will keep them free from dirt and dust plus it will also keep them well ventilated. Remember to take them out annually to keep it from developing that |old things” smell. Furthermore, do not store them in containers made with plastic.

Make sure to keep them away from moth balls. Repellents are known to ease aging on the canvas material of the bags and this can lead to those parts cracking. Make sure to leave the straps open as well since those clips might bring about staining. Fill the bag with a light and soft material which lets air pass through. This will maintain the shape of the bag and avoid it from leaving unwanted creases. Lastly, do not hang the bags on a hook. Do not fold them in two either. Never expose them in direct sunlight.

  • Repairs

Repairs for the bag is done better through the LV boutique. Repairs can take from a week to a few months based on the complexity of the repair needed. You will also have to deal with other bags that the boutiques repair persons are dealing with so it may take some time for repairs to get finished. Costs differ and it will depend on the difficulty of the repair needed too.

Repairs can be expensive so if you want to avoid those instances, make sure to take care of the bags very well.



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