The Best Innovations in the World of Fashion

Fashion has undergone loads of changes through every decade. Just like science and technology, it provided innovations that instantly changed the way women looked at fashion. It made dealing with specific styles and events more relaxed, and some even lifted ladies’ morale. Here are some of the best innovations that came from the industry, exclusively, in no particular order.


  1. The little black dress

This dress was an innovated by the revered Coco Chanel during the Roaring Twenties. Because of its versatile and timeless look, it has become the go-to dress for plenty of ladies since then. The dress was designed to be straightforward and versatile so that it will remain a classic piece in any woman’s wardrobe.

  1. Casual Fridays

The origin of this laidback look began in post-war Hawaii. The people there were then permitted to wear casual, flowery silken shirts for a period of time each year. Because of the relaxed and carefree spirit of this look, the concept carried on and spread to other parts of the world, much to the delight of people who were not too passionate about traditional stiff office wear.

  1. Push-up bra

The push-up bra was a concept invented by Moe Nadler, the founder of the Canadian Corset Company. He wanted to create a bra that fits well with great quality at a mid-range price. Thus the WonderBra was born. The undergarment comes with foam, rubber and at times, gel padding inside the cup, and this provides the “lift” that the bra was famous for. The item brought a confidence boost to modestly chested women everywhere, and its purpose is still popular until now.

  1. Pants for the ladies

During World War 2, women began wearing pants made for men for work. In the 60s, designers started making pants that fit women’s figures properly, and thus a wave of pants-wearing women began. Pants are very versatile and have never gone out of style since then.

  1. Denim

In the beginning, it was only the men who wore denim. The material was meant for work purposes. Then pants became in vogue for women, and the worldwide appreciation for denim began. We now have denim jackets, denim shorts, denim dresses and even coats.

  1. Bikini

The bikini was a symbol that shows the ladies breaking free from the standards reserved for them. The clothing item became an instant hit in the 60s, made even famous by the wave of teen beach movies and songs like the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.”

  1. Wash and wear fabric

Back in the day, garments required ironing in order to be worn properly. Now due to technology, the wash and wear fabric was created. The production of artificial fibers in clothing material has rendered ironing into a choice.

  1. Online shopping

Online shopping has taken over the entire world. Nowadays, people shop for various items online through their laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones. The chances for comparing prices and searching for great deals were made more accessible—you will not have to run from one shop to another anymore. Many sellers also go to online shops these days because of the lower overheads, and this, of course, translates to a cut in retail prices for most.


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