The Different Types of Dresses

The designer fashion world is very vast. There are many different types of styles, clothing options, accessories, colors, shows, and so on that you can choose from just for one outfit. You can adjust your fashion sense to how you are feeling that day. Whether you are feeling classic and girly or more on the edgier side, there are always different clothing items available to you.

One of those clothing items are dresses. Dresses are timeless and classic and can be worn with any style as long as you pair it with the right shoes, accessories, and other clothing items if applicable. There are also a quite the variety of dress types, even if you would only wear a certain kind. Below is a list of some common dresses that you may or may not have seen in the normal public.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress can be worn on any body type, for any style. Even if you prefer something more punk, you can turn a maxi dress into a punk maxi dress. If you want to wear a maxi dress to a wedding, you can if you find the right one.

A maxi dress is basically a full length dress that goes all the way down to your feet. Heels may not be the best shoe for this type of dress, sandals or flip flops would work better. These types of dresses can also be very casual or even dressier for those fancy events.

The Sun Dress

Like maxi dresses, sun dresses can be worn for almost any occasion. Sun dresses are typically more girly and are perfect for the summer time, but you can always put a twist on a sun dress. Sun dresses are great if you are in the park or are out shopping. Sun dresses are also fun for spring and summer weddings.

A sun dress is usually shorter than knee length, though you can find some that are knee length, and can be worn with many different shoes and accessories. Sun dresses work great with any kind of shoe you can think of—even something like vans and converse. You just need to make sure you are putting your sundress outfit together in a way that is complimenting for both you and the dress.

The Gown

Unlike sundresses and maxi dresses, gowns should not be worn for every occasion. Gowns are great for dinners, balls, even high school dances. These dresses are extremely elegant and will not go with every shoe or accessory.

Gowns are a great type of dress because it gives everyone the chance to feel like a princess. There is no way to wear a gown in a casual sense, so you are forced to dress up a little bit. A beautiful pair of heels, the perfect up do, and a complimenting necklace will help enhance the beauty of a gown as well.

The Flare Dress

Though the flare dress may not be great for super casual events, like shopping, flare dresses are great for dressing nice and going out. The look of a flare dress is similar to a sun dress, but the ends of the dress flare out just a little bit more—almost like a poufy look. These dresses are also great for any body type, and it compliments each of them well.

Flare dresses are great for lunches, dinners, going out with your friends, etc. Pair your flare dress with a cute pair of booties and the right hand bag and you have yourself the complete outfit.

The Party Dress

If you have owned a dress in your life time, then you more than likely have a party dress hanging in your closet. It is not recommended to wear these types of dresses in a casual sense—but more power to you if you choose to do so.

Like a flare dress, the party dress is great for going out. Party dresses are usually very classic and elegant, but have a fun spin to them like sequins or glitter. Party dresses are great for getting dressed up but not too dressed up to wear you cannot have a little fun.

The Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is more on the business casual side in terms of dresses—but they are just as classic as any other kind of dress. Sheath dresses are usually black, modest, and knee length, which is perfect attire for a business casual office.

Sheath dresses do not have as many shoe options as the other mentioned dresses, but the right pair of heels or flats would look fantastic with this classic dress.

The Little Black Dress

If you only ever own one dress in your lifetime, it should be the little black dress. The little black dress is iconic in the designer fashion world, and is a very timeless dress type. You can get a little black dress that is as casual or elegant as you wish, and you can pair it with almost any kind of shoe and accessory.

That little black dress is the one dress we choose that will give us an extra boost of confidence. The little black dress is usually shorter than knee length and should be styled in a way that compliments your body type and personality. Little black dresses also work well with any jacket you choose to use. From leather to a cardigan, a little black dress would be a great dress for any woman to have.

When it comes to designer fashion, the possibilities with dresses are almost endless. There are many other types of dresses, but these listed dresses are very popular amongst modern day women. If you need a dress that can be worn both casually and in a dressier way, the little black dress, maxi dress, and sun dress would be perfect. A gown is great for fancier events like dinners, balls, and school dances, and the sheath dress is perfect for office wear. The flare dress and party dress are both great options to go out with your friends with, and can be worn up or down depending how you feel that night.


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