The Lasting Appeal of Louis Vuitton Shoes

There are lots of luxe brands out there but nothing stands out from the pack like Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is mainly known for their line of luggage and handbags however the brand has broadened their lineup of products through the years. These days, the label has its own fashions, accessories and footwear.

The main thing that makes the brand visible to all brand lovers is its well-known monogram. This monogram has been copied and even parodied by plenty of design houses and artists. The simplicity of the monogram makes for the stylish appeal of the brand. This is a classic logo that will never be outdated. The initials of the brand are used not only on their luggage and bags but other pieces too.

LV Footwear

Louis Vuitton designs and manufactures shoes for men and women. One example of a hot LV shoe style for men is the Damier-embossed Trinidad buckle strap model. This is a popular item from the brand and is a constant bestseller. It comes with a Velcro enclosure plus interweaving straps and the LV label. It is cushioned too for comfort and support. Furthermore, the shoe comes with Blake stitches as well and it can be seen from within. It is located in the outsole to safeguard the shoe from wear and tear.

The Monte Carlo loafer is another bestseller from the brand. The shoes come in two colors, namely cacao which is a deep brown shade and noir, which is an intense black color. High quality speaks from all corners of the shoe starting with its hand-sewn, calf leather uppers and lithe rubber soles that come with meticulous cushioning. There are LV initials riveted in the shoes which have a classy Ruthenium finish. The style comes in a particular moccasin built which makes the pair extra light.

The brand makes sneakers too in the form of the Totem model. The shoes come with a minimalist yet beautiful design—it has 3-color stripes and the LV initials to give the pair a nice accent. It has rubber construction plus a removable in-sock for simple care and maintenance.

For the ladies, the Marbella sandals are a great choice. The pretty and sexy style of the shoes harks back to shoe designs of yore. It is great not only for evenings out but for the summer too. This is a stiletto with a golden color that includes an exquisite monogram flower. The sandals come with an internal platform and a cushioned in-sock too for comfort.

Ballerina shoes made with the brand’s monogram canvas is popular with the ladies too. It also comes in patent calf leather trim. To add a great touch to the pair, cube accessories were added on it. The shoes come with elastic side so you can put the shoe on and off without any hassles. It has a dependable snug fit and has a light construction for allover comfort from morning to night.

LV also makes stylish and sexy monogram boots and ankle boots, styles which are often seen during the Fall and Winter seasons. For summer and spring seasons, ladies can choose the latest in sandals, flats and heels.



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