The Vast Difference Between Style and Trends in Men’s Fashion

There is no gender disparity when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. People of all genders—the men, women and the LGBT, experience the pressure of keeping an up to date wardrobe. They often try their best to wear pieces from seasonal collections to maintain a stylish image.

Men’s fashion, pretty much like the women’s, contain several staples that are considered classics and will remain in vogue forever. If you want to sustain a stylish image, it is worthy that you invest in high quality, classic pieces. Opt for garments with classic cuts that come in colors and materials that will never look inappropriate with the times.

The appearance and styling of a men’s suit have changed barely for more than a hundred years. While there are in fact some varieties of the suit for diverse occasions, these varieties do have a common denominator—to make a man look sharp and smart. One advantage of classic pieces for men is that men do not need to take lots of effort to wear it and carry it. These classic styles are a breeze to wear, and it makes them look laidback, cool and fashionable, all at the same time.

The suit can be worn in the office for a variety of careers due to the professional appearance it provides. It gives the wearer a sense of trustworthiness, finesse, and respect. A suit can be worn to lots of social events—for instance, the tuxedo is recommended for black tie occasions. The versatility of a suit makes it a wearable piece for a good number of events. Hence, its versatility gives the garment its timeless advantage, making it a permanent fixture in every fashionable guy’s wardrobe.

Even though classic men’s fashion will never undergo drastic changes, the change in men’s trends has taken along particular classic clothing back in the fold. The high demand for vintage clothes specifically has brought forth a broad selection of classic styles in the wardrobes of many men. These days, the dandy gentleman look is coming back. The Dandy term refers to the gentlemen from the days of yore who wore classic looks with an extravagant edge. These dandies are conscious of image and often act in a refined, elegant way.

This is quite true because you may have noticed an increase of not only men but women, engaging in Victorian-style wardrobe. They dress up in threads that were considered high fashion during those times and even ride vintage bicycles to complement their looks. Men even wore mustaches that were worn by guys during that period. There are also blogs that are focused on that particular style. The blogs advise how to dress appropriately wearing vintage fashions plus tips on grooming.

Even though specific aspects of classic men’s fashion can be transformed as the current trend, the traditional garments that these hot items are grounded from will never stay out of the fashion radar. These are the classics you can trust, staples that you should include in your wardrobe.



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