What Really Goes into Designer Fashion

If you are a man or a woman who loves fashion, you truly appreciate what really goes into fashion. Fashion is not simply putting on clothes and walking out the door or putting on clothes and walking down a runway. Like other aspects of modern day culture, designer fashion requires a lot of time, focus, money, and creativity.

Designer fashion is not just for girly girls or fashionable men. Designer fashion is used by everyone in the modern day world, across the globe. The fashion industry is a huge industry generating billions of dollars annually—and for good reason!

Design fashion is not just simply putting outfits together. There are many different aspects when it comes to designer fashion, and it takes a team of people to make it happen. You have your fashion designers, who more than likely have a team they work with, who can create these wonderful outfits that we use on a daily basis to make a statement ourselves. If you think about it, the clothes you wear are a statement, and there is a lot more that went into that statement than we can openly admit.

Below are a few things that go into designer fashion, and there is so much more. Perhaps this will give you a different perspective, maybe it will not. Either way, just remember these components of fashion next time you put on that beautiful dress.

Color Balance

This aspect of designer fashion is something that we all experience in our everyday lives. When you put an outfit together, you think about how the colors go together. If you are trying to put red and yellow together, the outfit just may not work. The same goes for navy blue and black. It is all based on personal preference, but when you pick out an outfit, and everyone does this, you are always conscious of the color scheme.

The color balance in designer fashion is a huge aspect when it comes to fashion. Designer fashion is used for a variety of reasons such as store front windows, the runway, even during photoshoots. If your colors are not balanced, then the outfit is not balanced. It is that simple.

Pattern Contrast

Pattern contrast is another important part of designer fashion. There are some patterns that just do not go together well, and that is based off personal preference as well. However, you do not want to put something together that has too much contrast.

Take for example stripes and plaid. Stripes and plaid, though cute on their own, do not work well together—even if plaid is composed of stripes. Another poor contrast of patterns is stripes and polka dots. There is just too much contrast for that to create a fashionable piece that is used in designer fashion.

The right pattern(s) together, however, will create an amazing fashion piece that can make quite the statement on any person. Pattern contrast can be tricky, but it is very possible.

Material Selection

You may not think too much about material selection when it comes to clothing and fashion, unless you are buying something. When you put it on, it may not come to mind, or it may—all personal preference.

Material selection in designer fashion can make or break a fashion piece. A leather jacket and a suede top may not work well together, and vice versa. There are just some materials that go together and some that do not.

Material selection is not only an important aspect for designer fashion, but it is also for accessories as well. There are so many materials to choose from, making the designer fashion world almost limitless. From leather to jeans to feathers to pleather, the choices are almost endless.

Target Market

Though it may not seem like it, the designer fashion world is a business. The designer fashion world operates on money, just as other businesses do, and they do have a target market. What that target market is, is dependent on the fashion company.

If you are designing children’s clothing, you do not want to target the elderly age group, you will want to target moms and the children themselves. You would make fashion pieces that are appealing to both groups for the survival of your fashion company. The same goes if you are designing clothing for teens. Targeting the middle age group while you are designing clothes for teens does nothing for your fashion business.

The target market is an important aspect for any designer fashion company, though when we are the consumers, that may not come across our minds that much.

Fashion and Weather Seasons

As previously stated, the designer fashion world is a business. They live and thrive on their profits that they make from their fashion designs—that is just how it is. However, the clothing that these fashion companies are designing also depends on what kind of season it is.

If you are preparing for summer, designing a thick winter coat will not do your summer line any good. If you are preparing for winter, that cute bikini design will not do much good as well. In a sense, the seasons really influence the fashion world when it comes to fashion design.

There are many more components that go into designer fashion, and this is just an overview. If you want to know more about the designer fashion more, a simple google search would suffice. But if you are lucky enough, you could interview a fashion designer themselves. The fashion design business is an amazing thing and has the power to influence so many different individuals across the world. Whether we want to believe it or not, these big fashion companies directly influence the clothing we wear outside of the fashion world, what trends are current, and so on.

You do not have to be into fashion to have respect for the designer fashion world. There is so much that goes into this business, just as any other business.


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