Which handbag is the best handbag for you and your lifestyle?

A handbag, otherwise known as a purse, is an essential part to many different women’s personal lifestyle. For some of us, a handbag is the perfect accessory. For others, a handbag is the best option for carrying all your daily items around—wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, etc.

Purses as an accessory are great things, and a black purse will match with almost anything you can put on your body. However, a black purse is not for everyone, and a simple hand bag is not for everyone. The great thing about fashion is that you can use fashion to your advantage by telling your own story—simply with your clothing and accessories! That being said, why settle for one generic black handbag that is supposed to match with everything?

The good news is, you do not have to settle! Fashion has unlimited potentials, and there are plenty of handbags for you to choose from that fit your personal style.

Cross Body Bag

A cross body bag will hug your body and allow you to move around freely while doing so. Typically a cross body bag hangs on your shoulder, crosses over your chest, and hangs at the hip opposite of the shoulder that your cross body bag is hanging on. These bags allow you to have easy access to all your items, but not have to worry about keeping your arm constantly bent to hold your bag on your shoulder.

The size of your cross body bag will vary depending on you. Some women prefer larger bags for storage, whereas other prefer smaller bags for minimal usage. The strap on a cross body bag is usually adjustable, so it does not matter what body type you have—a cross body bag could be used for any body type.

A Day Clutch

A day clutch is great for everyday use, if you do not mind holding this, and you do not want a ton of storage. That being said, a day clutch is usually reserved for money, credit cards or debit cards, other types of plastic cards, and maybe your smart phone if you find the right day clutch.

It may sound like a day clutch is not a great option, but if all you are doing is going out to brunch with the girls, then this bag is perfect. Keeping minimal items around you at all times reduces clutter, and you can easily find your credit card if you need it.

An Evening Clutch

Who knew there was a difference between an evening clutch and a day clutch? Day clutches are much more casual than evening clutches. You have probably seen an evening clutch used for formal events like prom or a wedding. These clutches are not used very often, but they are perfect for such formal events.

Let us face it, there is no need to carry a huge designer bag to your best friend’s wedding. It just creates an eye sore for everyone, and do you really need that small bag of skittles you keep in that bag? An evening clutch is best use for such an event, only holding the necessities and acting as a perfect accessory for that beautiful dress.

A Leather Day Satchel

Leader day satchels are probably the handbags that hold the most storage. If you are constantly on the go and need to carry multiple items along with you, this is the perfect bag for you. These bags come in many different colors, but usually a black or beige leather day satchel would match every outfit you have.

Leather day satchels come in a variety of sizes that help you choose one perfect for your body type. If you are petite, you do not want a leather day satchel to overpower your body, so a smaller leather day satchel would work great for you. The same goes if you have a full figure, go with a bigger bag. This is not size discrimination, but your handbag should help make you feel comfortable and give you a small confidence boost.

Chic Tote

The chic tote essentially is great for every woman in search of the perfect bag. Chic totes are spacious, they come with a variety of colors, designs, materials, and they can be used every day, no matter what the occasion.

You can find a chic tote that is perfect for everyday use, or you can even find a chic tote that is great for going out to dinner with your significant other. Chic totes are pretty much the universal hand bag. You can carry your tote with the handle, or simply have it hang on your shoulder. Your tote also has plenty of storage space, much more storage space that you would get from a day clutch or an evening clutch.

Generally chic totes are about the same size, but it is important to find a chic tote that compliments your style. After all, your handbag should be the perfect accessory for an everyday outfit.

That Designer Bag

Let’s face it, almost every woman out there has found a designer handbag that we love. Regardless of where it came from, who made it—it just catches our eye and we immediately fall in love with that designer bag.

We technically do not need designer bags, but it is a part of modern day lifestyle, and let’s face it—we want it because it is a luxury.

Owning a designer handbag can say many things about you, and is that not the whole point of fashion? If you want a designer handbag, go for it! Designer handbags are just as fashionable as any other kind of bag, and they have the potential to be the perfect accessory.

This is just a small overview on the different handbags available to this day. Handbags are a great accessory for any outfit, and if you choose the right one that is tailored to everything you want to be, then you cannot go wrong with which one you choose.

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